About Us

​​In the bustling city of Washington, DC, a creative spark ignited within Kyna Uwaeme, an artist and photographer working in her studio. She found herself reminiscing about her teenage years in the early 2000s, when she and her friends would bond over an exciting trip to the mall for glamour shots. Dressed to impress and coordinating their outfits, the young friends would pose for the camera, write heartfelt messages on the back of the photos, and exchange these tangible memories at school – all before the dawn of social media.

Inspired by this sense of nostalgia, Kyna set out to revive the intimate and personal experience of those glamour shots, capturing the essence of a time when friendships and memories were celebrated through printed photographs. As she embarked on this creative journey, her unique photo series captured the hearts of those who encountered it.

The overwhelming response to Kyna's nostalgic photo series led her to offer it as a standalone service – thus, the pop-up portrait booth was born. As the booth gained momentum, it quickly became a sought-after addition to events and collaborations, attracting over 100 clients and even partnering with big brands like Atmos for their Jordan campaign.

Golden Studios by Kyna has evolved into more than just a photography service; it's a celebration of connection, friendship, and the memories that bind us together. In a world dominated by digital interactions, Kyna's portrait booth offers a refreshing throwback to the days when memories were cherished through physical photographs, leaving a lasting impression on both clients and their loved ones.

Welcome to Golden Studios by Kyna Pop-Up Portrait Booth and Studio – where nostalgia meets modern photography, and every snapshot transports you back to a time when life's most treasured moments were captured in the palm of your hand.